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Our procedures, both operatively and administratively, are fully systematized and automated. Our Traffic, Pedimentos and Accounting Operating Systems are 100% web-based, allowing us to offer our clients "online and live" the complete information of their traffic.

In the case of ENRIQUE MIRELES Y CIA. S.C. and / or GLOBAL LINK LOGISTICS, LLC we have:

• Servers and Operating Systems tip: PLATFORM CISCO VOICE / DATA.

• High Availability servers under Virtualization scheme.

• Firewall CISCO MERAKI.

• Videoconference Systems "CISCO PRESENCE".

• Light Plant.

• Point-to-point border link between Offices.

• 2 Internet providers in each office:

New Laredo: ALESTRA OPTICAL FIBER 10 MB Symmetric and ADUANET AIR Asymmetric 6 MB of download and 3 MB of upload.

Laredo, Texas: AT & T Symmetric Fiber Optic 10MB and LAREDO CONECTION by AIR 10 MB Symmetric.

• Daily Backup Systems.

• Digitization of our records.

• Efficient Shipment Tracking Systems and Reports via Internet.

• Security cameras.

• "IT AEQVITAS" platform.

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