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In November 18 of 1994, the Mexican Customs Broker license No. 1340 (Agreement 326-A-480 from the Customs General Administration) was issued under the name of C.P. Miguel Enrique Mireles Garcia with ascription in Nuevo Laredo, Tamps. (D.O.F. Dece mber 14, 1994). Later, on November 25 of 1995, the enterprise ENRIQUE MIRELES Y CIA S.C. was constituted.

On February 13, 1996 an authorization was obtained to operate through other customs different from the one of ascription (Agreement 326-A-058 from the Customs General Administration). With this authorization, our Mexican Customs license stopped being No.1340 to become No. 3533.

Due to new provisions in the Customs Law, starting on 2003, it is permitted for the Mexican Customs Broker to operate through his Ascription Custom and up to three additional Customs. For this reason our Customs Broker License was authorized to operate through the following customs:
• Ascription Custom: Nuevo Laredo, Tamps.
• Additional customs: Colombia, NL.

In Laredo, Texas we have our own Warehouse, GLOBAL LINK LOGISTICS LLC, where we can offer integral services of international trade and logistics such as: US Customs House Broker “In House”, Storage, Distribution Center, Bonded Warehouse, A Representative of an Expedited Charter Services Company “In House”, Door to Door Transportation, among others.

Taking into account our client´s needs to operate through the main mexican customs, we made the decision to form a strategic alliance with a group of colleagues to offer, on a professional and customized way, the Mexican Customs Broker services. Therefore, on 2010, we decided to formalize this alliance under the name of: “ALIANZA LOGISTICO ADUANERA AL SERVICIO DEL COMERCIO EXTERIOR MEXICANO” integrated by 7 Licenses and covering the main mexican customs. That same year we obtained the CT-PAT certification.

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