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Information for our permanent file.

Please submit the following:

1 -. Fiscal Documentation for the permanent record (see tax documents).

2 -. Attached Single Window information to send us the digital stamp to be complete with requesting the federal government (procedure).


. 3 - Information that we process for Customs Broker registered in the electronic system of the SAT (see info and screens to expedite the process).

Tax Documents:

1 -. Charter entrusts electronics (give us high on the SAT page) letter of entrustment and free form.

Requirements Letter of Commendation in free format - General Data Importer.

  • Full name of the importer.
  • Full Street.
  • No. Exterior.
  • Interior No. (if any)
  • Cologne.
  • ZIP Code.
  • City / Town.
  • Country.
  • RFC.

2 -. Bidimensional Certificate issued by the SAT

. 3 - Articles of incorporation of the company.

. 4 - Power of attorney of the legal representative.

5 -. Official photo ID of the legal representative.

6 -. R! the home (R2 in case of change thereof).

7 -. Recent Receipt of address (Telephone, Water, Electricity).

. 8 - Schedule RFC Attorney.

5 -. Programs IMMEX PROSEC, etc (if that manage such operations).

Information and screens to expedite the processing of Custom Customs Broker conferred.

Login to the portal SAT:

. 1 - Go to option "trámites y servicios" and clicking.

. 2 - Go to "MI Portal" option and add the RFC of the company and the corresponding key.

. 3 - Click on "Servicios por Internet", click Registers, click "Solicitar mov. Padron Import."

4.- Capture Captcha Code and click "Verificar".

. 5 - Click on "Aumento o disminución de encargos conferidos" ready.

You have to add data Customs Agent: Patent 3533 and automatically provide the following information:

  • RFC: MIGM460917BE3
  • CURP: MIGM460917HNLRRG03

Sign the application with the Advanced Electronic Signature (FEA).



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