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On November 18, 1994, the Mexican Custom Broker’s Patent # 1340 (Agreement 326-A-480 of the General Administration of Customs) was issued on behalf of C.P. Miguel Enrique Mireles García, with adscription at the Customs Office of Nuevo Laredo, Tamps. (D.O.F. DECEMBER 14, 1994).

Subsequently, on November 25, 1995, the company ENRIQUE MIRELES Y CIA, S.C. was established.  On February 13, 1996, we obtained the authorization to operate by other Customs different than the one of adscription (Agreement 326-A-058 of the General Administration of Customs). With this Authorization, our Mexican Custom Broker’s Patent stopped being # 1340 to become # 3533.

By provisions in the Customs Law, as of 2003, the Mexican Custom Broker was allowed to operate through its Custom of adscription and up to a maximum of three additional Customs. For that reason, our Patent # 3533 was enabled to operate by the following Customs:

• Mexican Custom of Adscription: Nuevo Laredo, Tamps.
• Additional Mexican Customs:

In order to pass the courier to the next generation, the Mexican Custom Broker CP Miguel Enrique Mireles Garcia decides to request to SHCP, on October 3, 2017, the Voluntary Withdrawal as Mexican Custom Broker in order to be replaced by his son CP Miguel Enrique Mireles Garcia. The Mexican Custom Broker’s substitution process ended on March 16, 2018 when it is published in the Official Gazette the Agreement of the SHCP through which PATENT # 1772 is granted on behalf of CP Miguel Enrique Mireles Garcia (Son).  In this act, the Patent # 3533 became disabled.

2nd Generation (Current).

On February 14, 2018, the Mexican Custom Broker’s Patent # 1772 (Official: G.800. of the General Administration of Customs) (Oficio: G/800/02/02/00/00/18-438 de la Administración General de Aduanas) was issued in the name of C.P. Miguel Enrique Mireles García (Son) with Customs of adscription at Nuevo Laredo, Tams. and authorized to operate by Reynosa Tamaulipas, Colombia Nuevo Leon and Piedras Negras Coahuila as additional customs. (D.O.F. MARCH 16, 2018).

On October 2018, the application is submitted to the SAT in order to obtain the OEA certification on behalf of Enrique Mireles y Cia. S.C. On November 19 2019, the official letter # 0100301601220180301000152 was issued from the Certification Administration and International Affairs of Foreign Trade Audit "2" which is part of the Central Administration of Certification and International Affairs of Foreign Trade Audit that belongs to the General Administration of Foreign Trade Audit of the Mexican Tax Administration Service through which it is resolved to grant in favor of the Mexican Custom Broker Miguel Enrique Mireles Garcia, with Mexican Custom licence # 1772, the inscription to the Registry in the Scheme of Certification of Companies in the modality of Certified Commercial Partner, section of Mexican Customs Broker (AGACEAA: 0181).

Observing the need of our clients to operate through the main Mexican Customs, we decided to form a Strategic Alliance with a group of colleagues to offer, in a professional and personalized manner, the services of Mexican Custom Broker. For this reason, on May 6 2017, the Alliance is formalized with the creation of the company: AEQVITAS, SC integrating 5 Mexican Custom Broker’s Patents which allowed us to cover the main Mexican Customs.

In Laredo, Texas we have our own Warehouse, GLOBAL LINK LOGISTICS LLC, where we offer integral logistics and international trade services such as: US Customs House Broker, Warehousing, Distribution Center, Fiscalized Warehouse, Service Company Representative of Expedited Charters, Door to Door Transportation through our "Transportation Broker" License, etc.

In order to offer all of our services under one roof, we obtained the following certifications:  On October 26th 2007, the US Custom Broker License # 23805  was obtained on behalf of Bernardo Mireles.  On July 12, 2012, the Transportation Broker License # MC- 791363-B on behalf of GLOBAL LINK LOGISTICS, LLC was obtained as well as on November 8th, 2010 the CT-PAT Certification was granted to GLOBAL LINK LOGISTICS, LLC


Current CTPAT validation
Current OEA validation


Enrique Mireles y Cía S.C. is a company created to offer Integral Services of International Trade and Logistics of high quality, ethics and professionalism to satisfy the needs of our clients.

• By representing them before the customs authorities and other public administration authorities.
• By providing them foreign trade consultancy.
• By documenting and processing their foreign trade operations in an expeditious manner and complying with all the applicable legal provisions.
• By collaborating with our clients on the integration of their international logistic systems.
• By performing, efficiently, each one of our activities in a way that allow us to keep our services with competitive costs within the market.



The vision of our company is to fulfill our Mission, Quality Policy and Goal on a standardized way that includes information technology for a more personalized and efficient communication with our customers. Always seeking opportunity areas for continuous improvement of our services and offering this way the highest international standards as Logistic Operator providing added value and security to the supply chain and thus facilitate the business operations of our customers.



To be a Customs Broker and a logistic partner that surpasses the needs and expectations of our clients providing them an integral service of international trade and logistics of high quality and competitive prices always with a positive attitude and great service.

Our Services

We design solutions to your needs.

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Our professional and highly trained team, our systems, infrastructure and state of the art technology allows us to offer our services with quality, ethics and professionalism:

• Mexican Customs Broker Services.

      - Through Grupo AEQVITAS by the Mexican Customs of: Nuevo Laredo, Tamps.; Colombia, N.L.; Veracruz and Tuxpan, Ver.; Manzanillo, Col.; Mexico City Airport; Toluca Airport and Internal Custom of "Pantaco", State of Mexico; Tampico, Altamira and Matamoros, Tamps.; Queretaro, Qro.; and Puebla, Pue.

      - Through “CORRESPONSALIA” by the main customs of Mexico.

• US Custom Broker Services through the Customs of Laredo, Texas "In House".

• Logistic Services: Storage, Distribution Center, Bonded Warehouse, TransportationQuote, etc.

• Expedited Charter Services.

• Consolidation and deconsolidation of shipments.

• Foreign Trade Guidance.

• HTS Number of Merchandise.

• Daily Notice of Merchandise arrival.

• "Live & On line” Reports via internet 24/7:

      - Digital File of foreign trade documents.

      - Merchandise at the warehouse.

      - Status of the merchandise.

      - Import / Export movements by date.

      - Invoicing by date and/or Balance Statements Reports.

      - Account Statements Reports.

      - Distribution Center Reports.

      - Annex 24 Reports.

      - Statistics Reports.

• Personalized and specialized “Tailor-made” Reports, contemplating all operations and billing in a comprehensive manner of all Customs covered by AEQVITAS GROUP through our technology platform “AEQVITAS TI”.

• Handling of Perishable Products.

• Handling of merchandise with Programs of the Ministry of Economy:

      - IMMEX .

      - PROSEC.

      - “Regla 8th” Permit

      - Others.

• Among others.

• Our Main Office is located at Nvo. Laredo, Tamps.: ENRIQUE MIRELES Y CIA. S.C.

• In Laredo, Texas we own two warehouses: GLOBAL LINK LOGISTICS, LLC. Their combined capacity add up 70,000 square feet of storage, 34 platform spaces for loading / unloading plus 39 spaces to place empty boxes which allows us to offer integral logistics and international trade services such as: US Customs House Broker "In House" , Warehousing, Distribution Center, Bonded Warehouse, Service of Expedited Charters, Quotation of door-to-door transportation, among others.

• License of US Customs Broker on the custom office of Laredo, Texas.

• Transportation Broker license.

• CT-PAT and OEA supply chain security certification.

• Mexican Customs Broker services, through 5 Patents of our AEQVITAS GROUP, to cover custom offices of: Nuevo Laredo, Tamps.; Colombia, N.L.; Veracruz and Tuxpan, Ver.; Manzanillo, Col.; Mexico City Airport; Toluca Airport and Internal Custom of "Pantaco", State of Mexico; Tampico, Altamira and Matamoros, Tamps.; Queretaro, Qro.; y Puebla, Pue.

• Mexican Customs Broker Service by “CORRESPONSALIA” through Custom Offices of: Monterrey, N.L.; Tijuana and Mexicali, B.C., Guadalajara, Jal.; Cd. Juarez and Cd. Chihuahua, Chih.; Nogales, Son.; Aguascalientes, Ags.; San Luis Potosi, S.L.P.; among others.








Miguel Enrique Mireles García

Enrique Mireles y Cía., S.C.

Nvo. Laredo, Tamps; Colombia, N.L.


Edmundo Oscar Enciso Villarreal

Corporativo Enciso, S.C.

Veracruz y Tuxpan, Ver.; Manzanillo, Col.; AICM.;
Toluca y Secc. Ad. Pta. México, Edo. Mex.


Alexis Enciso Hernandez


Elías Rogelio Vazquez Topete

Corporativo Enciso, S.C.

Querétaro, Qro


Roberto Rocha Gonzalez

Corporativo Enciso, S.C.

Puebla, Pue.


Mario Herbe Venegas Cubero

Corporativo Enciso, S.C.

Lázaro Cárdenas, Mich.


Enrique Cesar Gerez Fraga

Trámites Aduanales Gerez, S.C

Tampico, Altamira y Matamoros, Tamps.


Enrique Cesar Gerez Bazan

Our procedures, both operatively and administratively, are fully systematized and automated. Our Traffic, Dispatch and Accounting Operating Systems are 100% web-based, enabling us to offer our clients "online and live" complete information on their traffic.


• State of the Art Servers and Operating Systems: PLATFORM CISCO VOICE / DATA.

• High Availability servers under Virtualization scheme.

• Firewall CISCO MERAKI.

• Video Conference Systems "CISCO PRESENCE".

• Energy Plant at our Nvo. Laredo, Tamps.’s Office and our Laredo, Tx.’s Warehouse.

• Point-to-point border link between Offices.

• 2 Internet providers in each office:

      - New Laredo: ALESTRA OPTICAL FIBER 10 MB Symmetric and ADN NETWORKS AIR Asymmetric 20 MB of download and 10 MB of upload.

      - Laredo, Texas: AT & T Symmetric Fiber Optic 10MB and LAREDO CONNECTION by AIR 20 MB Symmetric.

• Daily Backup Systems.

• Digitization of our records.

• Efficient Shipment Tracking Systems and Reports via Internet.

• Security Cameras.

• Technology Platform “AEQVITAS TI”.

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* Designed to offer, in real time and in a simple way, your shipments and billing information.

* You will have valuable data to manage your operation without the need of a computer.

* Online and live tracking of all your shipments.

* Check your expense balance, due dates and credit.

* Operational Statistics.

Foreign trade news updated

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Quality Policy

Our company is committed to offer a quality integral service of international trade and logistics that allow us to satisfy the needs of our clients by means of:
• Maintenance, inspection and continuous improvement of our quality systems.
• By doing the things right and on the first attempt in a professional manner and always in compliance with the corresponding legal provisions offering our clients judicial and fiscal security on each one of their operations.
• Permanently updating our knowledge and technological resources.
• Creating a teamwork environment within the company and thus promoting the values of Integrity: Honesty, Loyalty, Responsibility, Attached to the Governing Law, Effectiveness and Passion for our Profession.



Our Credit Policy

With the purpose of having sufficient resources, both human and technological, and the liquidity that allows our company to maintain quality in the service and continuous improvement, the following is the credit policy for our clients:

Mexican Account:
The Advances for the payment of Import Taxes, Freight, Crosses, SAGARPA Rights and other payments made on behalf of the client are required before the merchandise is crossed.

The Credit for payment of the Services of the Mexican Customs Broker (Fees and Supplements) as well as the American Account, is from 7 to 14 days after each operation of Imp./Exp. In special cases of high volumes and / or high values, a period of up to 30 days is granted after each Imp./Exp operation.

After this period of time, the Expense Accounts are considered delinquent.

NOTE: When a client has Accounts of Expenses pending of payment for more than 30 days, Accounts of Nonperforming Expenses, automatically loses the credit for the Services of the Mexican Customs Agent and American Account. As a consequence, the amount to cover both the Advance Payment and the Services of the Mexican Customs Agent (Fees and Complementary Fees) and the American Account for each future Imp./Exp operation will begin to be required before the merchandise is crossed. This situation will remain until the Client is updated and thus recover his credit.


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